dp Podcast: Carmen Mlodzinski

16 Carmen Mlodzinski min

June 13, 2020 - Season 1 / Episode 16 (35:35): 

dp's Austin Alexander spent some time on Friday chatting it up with Wednesday night 1st Rounder Carmen Mlodzinski, the conversation went so well that it turned into our next podcast. During the time with the South Carolina RHP & Hilton Head HS product, we covered the following topics:
  • How you got the word that you would be a millionaire, emotions
  • Oldest brother of three pitchers, growing up in your home, competition
  • Injuries & dp experiences, what led you to USC?
  • USC, life there & word to recruits
  • Different pronunciations of your last name?
  • No social media, in 2020, really?
  • What is next for you, your goals?

To listen now, click here.