DP Lowcountry: Grand Strand @ Sharks 2

By:David Beckley - October 21, 2020

StroudDalton stanceFL20WarriorsGS 2020The Diamond Prospects headed over to Shipyard Park tonight to catch a matchup between our newest addition to the league, The Grand Strand Warriors of Myrtle Beach as they faced off against the Sharks 2 team of Mount Pleasant. It says a lot about these young men, coaches, and their families to travel down from the Grand Strand area to the Lowcountry to get some midweek baseball action in. WarriorsFL prayer20We commend you for your sacrifice and love for this great game of baseball!

Final score: Grand Strand Warriors (11) Sharks 2 (7)

*For the Fall League, we do not focus on game recaps as the emphasis is the development and evaluation of prospects.

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