DP Greater Rock Hill: Lancers 2/Bruins; Volunteers/Lancers 1

By: Gary Randall - October 20, 2020

OnDeck MantleOn the birthdate (would have been 89) of one of the all-time greats in baseball history and my favorite player, Mickey Mantle, and the 29th birthday (60 years age difference to the day) of my daughter, I was covering a quality night of baseball action.

Game 1 involved more younger players, Lancers 2 and Bruins, and ended up a fairly high-scoring contest won by Lancers 2. Game 2 was quite well-played and brought out some of our league’s most talented players and resulted in the Volunteers having a scoring advantage over Lancers 1 after 6 full innings.

In other play around the league: Blue Eagles-Clinton over Indians (Gaffney), Blue Eagles-Killian over Cougars-Graphite and Bearcats over Trojans (Chester) and Cougars-Black over Hill Cats (Great Falls).

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