843 DP Fall League: Gamecocks vs Warriors

By:David Beckley - October 6, 2020


The Diamond Prospects Fall League got started tonight in the Lowcountry. This is our third year in the Lowcountry. I am proud to say that we have again increased our overall participation! In year one, we jumped onto the scene with eight teams and grew to fourteen teams in year two. This year we have grown to 20 teams! Which says a lot about our coaches and athletes and their commitment to this great game. We are extremely excited to get back on the field and evaluate these young men who have missed out on a lot in the past six months. Tonight we got things started at historic Riley Park in Sumter to catch a glimpse of a matchup between the Walterboro Warriors and the Gamecocks. Final score: Gamecocks (13) Walterboro Warriors (4)

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