Pre-Season Hall of Fame: dp's Top Hits

By: Austin Alexander - February 12, 2006

dp_logo1.pngIt's cold, it's windy, it's wet and baseball outdoors is not endearing to most people. So, quite a few players, parents and coaches are looking for something to pass the time... DP to the rescue! We went into the archives and pulled out some articles from the past that drove up hits and previous viewers enjoyed the most. Not to mention the many coaches over time that have requested the replay of what is below!

dp_logo1.pngPre-Season Checklist: As every spring rolls around, coaches across the country ready their teams for the upcoming season, optimistic about what is right around the corner! Pre-season practice usually begins with endless fungos hit, countless hours inside the cage and fly balls lifted to our outfielders as the pitchers gear up in the bullpen. As players begin to cross that line from rusty to ready, and opening day sits two weeks away, any coach worth his salt now begins to ponder, “What else do I need to do to make sure my team is ready when that first bell rings?” For more, click here.

dp_logo1.pngPre-Game Pet Peeves: Everybody has their own style and thoughts on how to best take a round of pre-game infield/outfield, myself included. After making a living watching high school baseball, I’ve seen my share of pre-games, good and bad. Not to say that I have it all figured out, but I can safely say that too many coaches are living in the Dark Ages. For more, click here.

dp_logo1.pngProper Scrimmage Attire: Ok, so your coach didn't issue you or your teammates a baseball uniform for tonight's scrimmage. Well, that's understandable and acceptable because he is probably trying to preserve the few uniforms he was able to stockpile due to an inferior budget. So, now you have to select what you'll dress out in, where should you go from here? For more, click here.

dp_logo1.pngMay I have a roster? Please!! Though the high school baseball season remains a ways out, a certain topic must be addressed in more detail for those folks who have the name “Coach” preceding their last name... For more, click here.

dp_logo1.pngScrimmages-Keep it in Perspective: The scrimmage season is in full bloom as clubs everywhere are readying themselves for the upcoming campaign. Tryouts may have ended weeks ago but starting jobs are still up for grabs, pitchers are easing their arms and array of pitches into form, all while coaches sit back and evaluate the strength's and weaknesses of their clubs...For more, click here.

dp_logo1.pngBundle Up: As I spent my first weekend parked in the grandstand, it didn’t escape my eye how poorly prepared many patrons were for February baseball. Whether the sun was hiding, rain was falling or the wind was blowing, the most comfortable people in the park were the seasoned veterans, coaches and scouts...For more, click here.

dp_logo1.pngDo's and Do Not's for Parents: In my many years as a high school coach, I hear and can tell many stories on parents and what they say and do during their child's career. Enough stories to write a book that would take several days to read! Sometimes I like to think that 90 percent of what is said and done by parents is due to limited knowledge of a certain situation and/or how to handle situations. Unfortunately I know that while that is most often the case, things happen because a parent is just that, a parent. Fore more, click here.

We hope you have enjoyed our little trip down memory lane!