MLB Draft Preview: 2019

Compiled By: DP Staff - June 3, 2019

OwingsChris-gb14The workouts have concluded, the notes have been made, scouting miles have been logged and final organizational meetings have been had... and now it's finally draft time! The First Round begins Monday, June 3 on the MLB Network at 7 PM.

As we mosey around South Carolina throughout the calendar, we are often asked to make predictions on the upcoming draft, who will be taken, which round will they go in, who is most signable, etc. We've asked a few questions of our own to some 'bigwigs' and threw in our two cents as well.

EdwardsCJ-head16But in the past few years it's been a different animal altogether...Check out the drastically new draft rules from yesteryear: 2014 Draft / Slotted Signing Bonus

-2019 Draft Tracker-

lylesjordan-astros11.jpgThe entire process has always been a crapshoot, even for those making the final decisions so we aren't going to take a stab at which round, but below is what we did come up with regards to who has a chance to be drafted this week. Admittedly, every single scout that we spoke with said we would learn alot from this draft to be a little more bold with our prognostication in future years.

Our crystal ball comes with far less confidence than most years, with no sure thing, but here it is:

-Palmetto State Players Receiving Pro Interest this Spring-

 Name  High School  Position  Signed  DP's $.02
 *Dylan Brewer  Latta  OF  Clemson  Possible
 *Tyler Causey  Nation Ford  INF  North Carolina  Possible
 Nick Clayton  York  RHP  Clemson  Possible
 Geoffrey Gilbert  Bishop England  LHP  Clemson  Possible
 John Lanier  Blythewood  1B  Citadel  Possible
 Will Smith  Conway  RHP  Coastal Ca.  Possible

Key: Definite, Probable, Possible {chances to be drafted}

*Denotes was drafted

-Others Receiving Pro Interest-

 Name  High School  Position  Signed
 Ryan Ammons  Wren  LHP  Clemson
 Kirby Connell  Blacksburg  LHP  Tennessee
 RJ Dantin  Spartanburg  LHP  South Carolina
 Ty Good  South Pointe  RHP  C of C
 Trotter Harlan  Hillcrest  SS  C of C
 Connor Kirkley  McBee  SS  Coastal Ca.
 Alberto Osuna  Mauldin  1B  Walters St.
 Hunter Parks  York  RHP  Flo-Dar Tech
 Brett Percival  Andrew Jackson  RHP  Clemson
 Dylan Rogers  Dorman  OF  Kentucky
 Dylan Williamson  Pelion  RHP  Citadel

*Selected in 2019 MLB Draft